Give Yourself Time To Grow And You Will Be The Ultimate Boss Babe.

Time to Grow

Give yourself time to grow.

This week we invited the incredible Janice from Gazillionaire Girl Gang to guest post and talk about how we need to change our mindset and give ourselves time to grow.

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Not just any old Podcast.

I was listening to one of my favourite podcasters Jasmine Star. She had a woman she was interviewing on her show talking about her success. She is a relationship coach and landed a six figure book deal. Amazing right? She explained on the show that she is getting more deals, speaking engagements, and all the glitter and rainbows that come with fame that we are all so trying to manifest right now.

There is something that she said that struck me. Made me actually take out my pen and jot down in my journal. “Give yourself space to grow.” I know what you are thinking, “Here she goes! Another one going on another tangent about growing, and facing challenges, and open your mind to yada yada yada.” Nah, that’s not it.

What she was talking about was overnight success. We see these influencers having the time of their lives. Drinking coffee overlooking the beach with their laptops on the table with the caption, “Because my office is at the beach today!” You see the twenty thousand likes, the thousands of comments, and wonder; how did they get here? What did they do to reach this level of success? Where is the golden lamp with that weird looking genie that I can rub to reach the top of this mountain?

Time to Grow

Trust me, they don’t have a genie making their wishes come true. Nor a magic wand to hypnotize people to be mesmerized by them and follow them. (Oh, it was just me with that one? Ok!)

It was really hard work. Trying out different strategies. Failing. Endless of hours of posting. Making the best captions. Sleepless nights. You don’t see that. You just the sun kissed skin shining in the flawless selfies they take with adoring fans commenting in droves.

There is a behind the scenes to all of this that we don’t see. And there are a couple of things you must remember:

More Followers Does Not = More Money

This myth is one of the biggie’s . Word on the street is the more followers you have, the more money you will make. Would you rather have five hundred thousand followers and a minimal amount of comments, and no clicks to your page? How about maybe two thousand followers, with 60% engagement, and 90% clicks to your page and buying your products. You do not have to have hundreds of thousands of followers to dominate your niche to make money. Take a look at some of your fav Instagram influencers and look at their engagement. If no one is talking to them, trust me they are in the same boat as someone who has only a few thousand followers.

Everyone Was Once A Beginner

I listen to Amy Porterhouse’s pod casts all the time. She is another business savvy woman who is an online marketing and social media strategist who has built up a huge following of women entrepreneurs. I love the topics she covers and I dream of my own podcast. Where women will call me up wanting advice from me. After my rose colored glasses turn a little green with envy I have to remind myself, Amy was a beginner, too. Everyone has their first day. Where they didn’t have many podcast downloads, only had a hundred followers who were probably mostly bots, and ran countless number of Facebook and Instagram ads that failed.

The thing that we have to remember is, they didn’t give up. Whatever they failed at, they tried again multiple times to get to where they are at today. So, while we are letting the green eyed monster come out, we have to remind ourselves they were exactly where we are standing. Figuring it out. Just getting started. Or trying to keep success going.

It takes time to reach five, six, and a seven-figure business. That is why I Iove the phrase, “Give yourself time to grow.” Give yourself time to learn what strategies work. Make mistakes. Take some E-courses and workshops to improve your marketing. Business classes. Whatever you need to grow. Rushing the process will not make it any better. Enjoy the entire road to success on this journey. You will actually appreciate every achievement more. Every sale will make you smile. Every person that you helped, will be worth every mistake or failed attempt. Enjoy your journey. Allow yourself room to grow.

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