5 Secrets About Blogging I wish I knew Before I Started.

Secrets about blogging

So you want to be a blogger, that’s great news however there are a few secrets about blogging I wanted to share with you before you get started. It’s the best job in the world I’ve been lucky enough to quit my 9-5 job, move abroad and work with some amazing brands. Blogging can and will change your life not just because you can write about all the things you’re passionate about but because you can be your own boss.

You can choose the hours you work and you can have that perfect work-life balance. I’ve been a full-time blogger now since September 2019 and in the beginning, it was tough.

I had days where I thought I wasn’t cut out for this and I honestly felt like giving up but I didn’t I kept going. I wish that someone had told me what I know now at the start of my blogging career. I to help you so I thought I’d share 5 Blogging Secrets that I’ve learnt along the way.

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Secrets about blogging

The 5 Secrets About Blogging

1. It’s not going to be easy.

Blogging ain’t no get rich quick scheme & these days there is no overnight success. You have to work at it, especially if you want to start a blog as a way to make money. As long as you are committed with your blog it will work.

You need to be consistent in order to get results. Most bloggers give up after the first 6 months because they’re not seeing instant results. It can take bloggers up to 2 years before you start seeing any sort of income coming in.

2. You’re going to need to learn new skills.

When I decided to start my blog I thought I could write blog posts and send it out into the world and millions of people would read it. Nope, it’s not that easy.

I started with a self-hosted site Siteground as that what all the successful bloggers recommend. I learnt new skills such as photography, photo editing, graphic design, marketing and HTML technology. 

Don’t worry if this all sounds like a bunch of gibberish Google & Youtube will become your new best friend.

With all these new skills, I was able to take stunning flat lay pictures for my blog and Instagram. I now edit photos with Lightroom and design beautiful pins for Pinterest with Canva. I also market my brand through social media platforms and worked out how to add HTML to my site (also learnt what the hell HTML means).

Hypertext Markup Language – a standardized system for tagging text files to achieve font, colour, graphic, and hyperlink effects on World Wide Web pages.” an HTML file”

3. Blogs need legal pages.

Legal pages on your blog are so important. I came across an article on Pinterest explaining that for a blog you need to let your visitors know what type of data you’re collecting and what you will be doing with it. Your legal pages should provide information about how you’re collecting data, & where the data is being stored.

There are free templates online however these are not recommended as they won’t be specific to you and your blog.
You will need the following:

Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy


If you want to add GoogleAdsense to your blog you will need visible legal pages (adverts where you can earn money for doing nothing) Google will not accept you if you don’t have all these.

4. Pinterest is the key to traffic.

Pinterest isn’t a social media platform!

BOOM !! Mind, blown!

If you are currently using Pinterest with a personal account, not a Business account. Then you need to know this because using Pins on Pinterest or ‘Rich Pins’ can explode traffic to your blog.

Pinterest is a search engine just like Google. It’s mainly image-focused instead of text. If you use keywords correctly it’s the perfect tool to help direct traffic to your blog. Adding your own pins (yes you can do it) and people will click onto them taking them directly to your site.

I started implementing strategies that I’d learnt from Pinterest with Ell Course by Ell Duclos. If your new to Pinterest or even just struggling with it, I highly recommend this course it’s amazing and you will learn so much.

5. Gifting doesn’t pay the bills.

“Remember when you wished for what you have now”

This is a quote I live by, It’s a great thought and you really reflect. I can remember wishing that brands would send me hair, beauty & makeup products for FREE to try out & write a review for my blog.

I’m lucky enough to have & extremely grateful for being able to try some of the best products on the market. It’s a huge perk of the job but sadly it doesn’t pay the bills. Majority of bloggers earn money through other sources on their blog such as.

  • Affiliate links – Links in your blog posts that direct to another website and when someone clicks & buys then you earn a commission.
  • Advertisers – As I mentioned previously (GoogleAdsense) this is when someone clicks on your ad and the advertiser pays you! All you need do is add the link to your site and that’s it.
  • Sponsored posts – This is when a company collaborates with you and pays you to work together this can be in the form of a product review or video tutorial on your blog.
  • Selling your own product – One of the best ways to make money is by selling a product. It doesn’t even have to be a physical product like a mug/Tshirt, it can be a digital product like a downloadable planner, ebook or online course.

Final Thoughts.

Now you know all the blogging secrets you can happily start your own blog today. I really hope this has helped give you a bit more knowledge. I love it although somedays the tech side can be a bit of a headache. Being able to write about the things I’m passionate about makes it all worthwhile.

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