6 Ways To Make Your Instagram Profile Attract The Perfect Follower.

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Get the Perfect Instagram Profile.

We all know your Instagram profile is great for marketing your business online but some people still struggle with things like brand awareness, getting new clients and making money.

Here we will be breaking down your Instagram profile so that you can market your business through Instagram. Firstly you want to change your account in settings to a business or creator account. This will give you the options to view your insights on your posts, stories and videos.

NOTE – You will need a Facebook business page to switch to business or creator accounts. 

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Profile Picture

There are two options for your Instagram picture. You can either use your brands’ logo or you can use a picture of yourself. 

If you’re a business with a logo that would be the best option however if your a blogger or individual business owner then share a professional picture of yourself so that your audience gets to know and recognise you. 


The name field is a searchable feature on Instagram so you want to use this feature to its full advantage. For example, in our name section, we have [Natalie | Social Media Manager]. The reason is that is shows the founder name Natalie and Social Media Manager is what people will search for, meaning we will come up in the list when anyone searches Social Media Manager. 

Another example would be Rachael | Lifestyle Blogger or The Hair Boutique Salon. The searchable words in these examples are Lifestyle Blogger and Salon.

You can also add your industry in the Catergory section of your profile settings

Instagram Profile Pin


Your bio should briefly tell your audience who you are and what you do. Try to include keywords (words that people will search for) in the bio. You can use up to 150 characters for your bio and I see so many people not filling it up to the max. 

You will also want to include a Call to Action (CTA) in your bio this is telling your audience to take action. It can be a Click Website Below or Subscribe Here. 


Your CTA will be at the bottom of your bio encouraging people to click the link. Add your website link or a link to your freebie (ebook/templates/checklist).


The follow button will always be on your profile but you can add message, call, email, book and shop. Simply go to Edit Profile and change the Contact options and Action Buttoms. 


Highlights are a great way to showcase all of your services on your profile. Instead of listing them in your bio add your services to your highlights and showcase all of your work. 

You can create your own branded highlights in the Canva App.

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