7 Amazing, Actionable Facebook Marketing Tips for Bloggers.

Facebook Marketing Tips.

There’s no doubt about Facebook having the most active users compared to other social media platforms. Averaging about 2 billion monthly users, Facebook is still one of the go-to social networks for businesses to connect with their potential customers. Having a curated social media version of your blog is always a good idea. Achieving this with Facebook is easier than you think. Also, the opportunities to connect with people and other businesses are endless!

With Facebook marketing being used by a majority of businesses, there’s this assumption that only brands and celebs can benefit from this. But only recently have bloggers discovered the potential of Facebook marketing and are tapping into this space. There are a lot of pros to Facebook marketing. Getting discovered by people from all over the globe is just one of them. Unlike Pinterest and email marketing, Facebook has a lot more features. There’s so much you can do like Pages, Groups, Stories, Marketplace, Lives, Fundraisers, Events, etc.

Also, it is always a good idea to diversify not just your income but also traffic online. Especially when most of your customers are lurking on social media at all times. As your target audience is already looking for a blogger like you, with a laser-focused Facebook marketing strategy, you will be able to market your services to them even faster. Here are a few Facebook marketing strategies to find that potential customer! 

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1. Getting the Basics Right:

Knowing why you want to get started with Facebook marketing is very important. It is also pretty obvious that growing any social media account requires consistency and a lot of effort.

2. Optimising Your Page:

If you don’t have a Facebook page, go ahead and create one. This is easy if you already have a Facebook account. Else, create a Facebook account first and then click on ‘Create Page’ on the top right corner of your Facebook account.

Choose a username that is the same as your website name or something similar. It should be easy to remember and also avoid too many numbers and characters.

The first step to make sure you have an optimized Facebook page is picking the right category. There are a number of categories to choose from. Be specific with this one as the category defines your entire page and will be the driving factor in connecting you with your potential customer.

The next step is to give an accurate description of your website or the services you provide. Make sure you incorporate commonly used keywords in your niche to maximize your chances of showing up in the search results.

Choose a profile photo and cover photo that resonate with your brand. Keep them as high quality and eye catchy as possible.

Lastly, add a call to action to your Facebook page. There’s an option to add a button at the top of your page. Make sure this is something valuable like signing up for a service, product or visiting your website. As this is the first thing people come across on your page, make sure it’s worth clicking on!

Facebook Marketing

3. Setting Goals: 

Having goals is always a good idea. Goals will not only motivate you to keep working but also help you track your progress and rectify loop holes in the long run. The same goes with Facebook goals. 

Getting more likes on your page is okay, but this is not your Instagram. A more business oriented goal would be getting more leads or sign ups to your new product or clicks to your website.

A 3% increase in sales, sign ups to your email list, website link clicks or more engagements on your posts would be great. These numbers can be easily found in the Insights tab on your Facebook page. Now that you know what you want to achieve through your Facebook page, you can create content with the intention of getting closer to these goals. This will get you straight to work instead of second guessing what to create and how it’ll perform.

4. Creating Engaging Content

Content is king and what you put out will be perceived as an extension of your website. So, create with intent. Posting just for the sake of it won’t cut it.

I’m all for self-promo but, Facebook will consider you spam and probably stop recommending your posts to your audience if you keep putting links to your website at all times. So, diversify your content.

Don’t just put links to your website/blog post. Create posts on Facebook for Facebook. Because let’s be honest, Facebook doesn’t want its users to leave the platform the minute they log in. What’s in store for you then? Well, a lot more than you’d imagine.

Facebook Status Post:

For starters, the good old Facebook status or text post. This is the best for asking questions and engaging with your audience. Getting suggestions, recommendations and feedback are some of the ways to make sure you’re on the same page as your followers.

Facebook Link Posts:

These are the posts where you link your blog post to your normal post. This is the easiest way to get those views to your blog post immediately after publishing them.  


Most people don’t take stories seriously. This is the best way to give your audience a behind the scenes sneak peek. You can connect with them more by bringing them into your work process.


As the name suggests, polls are a way to get a quick answer to your questions. This ties back to Facebook status post except, it’s straight to the point.

Polls are the easiest way to get people to interact with you as it requires minimum effort but does the job. 

5. Videos

Facebook loves videos. If your video has your audience hooked, the chances of Facebook recommending it to more people are higher. Most successful Facebook pages have very well performing videos.

Intriguing videos that start off by discussing a problem are more likely to get views. Ending this with a call to action is the perfect way to make people want to click on your profile. This way, both Facebook and you benefit.

Live videos are another way to get more eyeballs to your page. The number of people participating in lives have shot up. Knowing you better will get your customers one step closer to you. Solve your audiences’ problems or talk about what it’s like doing what you do and how they can get there. This will definitely make them want to stick around.

6. Choosing a Posting Schedule 

If you’ve been on social media, you know how important it is to have a posting schedule. This gives you structure and also let’s your audience know when to expect content from you. Posting at the right time is important too. This comes with trial and error. The insights tab will be your best friend here!

As discussed earlier, do not post one type of content. A combination of all of the types of posts would be great. If 1/3 caters to engagement, 1/3 for promoting yourself and 1/3 to help solve problems, you’ll be blessed by the algorithm.

Your posting schedule should also align with your goals. The above posting schedule will ensure there’s high engagement and conversion rates, exactly what we wanted. So, plan a schedule according to your goals and make sure it is posted when your audience is most likely on Facebook.

7. Making the most of Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are a great way to meet like-minded people. Networking with these people will help you understand the game better. Most Facebook groups have self-promos where you could introduce people to your page. Here are some of the best Facebook groups every blogger must join!

Having a close-knit community to fall back on when something goes wrong is great. These groups are made to serve this purpose. There are a lot of opportunities to collaborate. Make the most of them.

These were some actionable Facebook marketing tips to help you get the most out of Facebook’s users. Let us know what you think!

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