6 Social Media Content Ideas for Hair & Beauty Salons.

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Content Ideas for Hair & Beauty Salons.

With 2021 around the corner, it’s time for you to start preparing a social media strategy for your business. If anything, the pandemic showed just how important it is for every business to have an active social media presence. Social media is your biggest chance to show the world your business, and just how amazing it is. At the same time, you get to give your target customer a reason to patronize your business, and become part of your community.

Sadly, deciding to get your business on social media is only 1% of the work, because coming up with great social media content to stay relevant and consistency can prove to be HARD. What do I say? What should I leave out? Those are questions you’re faced with when you start to put up content about your business on social media. Lucky for you, I can help. So, here is a list of content ideas you can work with to bring your hair & beauty salon to life on social media.

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Show your off your work space.

Your workspace is where all the magic happens. You have invested energy and money into making your salon the lovely space that it is, so you might as well show it off to the people who would like to see it. Take aesthetically pleasing pictures of your salon with customers inside, without customers inside, opening up for the day, closing up after a fulfilling day, having an after-work drink with the staff. Take pictures of your tools too; you have them, so show them off.

Yes, you’re selling, but don’t just post sales pictures all the time. with workspace pictures, you could highlight the importance of your tools, show your target audience how friendly your staff are and how relaxing (or fun) the atmosphere is. You have a platform, so tell the story behind your business without saying too much. Pictures are better at convincing than a thousand words.

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Share Client Testimonials.

Everyone wants evidence, EVERYONE! 

Testimonials are key to getting new customers and retaining old ones. Why? Because they are proof that you know what you’re doing and that there are people who trust you and are willing to vouch for your skill. 

Encourage your customers to put up reviews and leave feedback on their social media pages, or just send you their reviews in a message. Post and repost your reviews to help build your target customer’s trust in your business.  

Try Doing Product Reviews.

People want to know what you think.

As a hair & beauty salon owner, people are trusting you with their hair, their face, their skin. And so it would help a lot for them to know that you know what you’re working with. Use product reviews to let people know you are an expert, and that you use the best. 

Reviewing newly released hair and beauty products that you have tried can helps people who are interested in similar products to find your page, and since they’d definitely be customers of your industry, you could get customers by talking about the things they are interested in. 

Product reviews may not say “come on over and buy,” but they are an essential part of your salon’s marketing. It helps build customer trust and loyalty, and shows that you are up-to-date on industry information.

Organise Interviews with Other Industry Experts.

Using the Live feature, you could have Q&As with various personalities on any social media platform. You can have professionals in the hair and beauty business, customers, or even your staff speak on your interviews. 

This kind of content keeps people on your page for longer periods and provides you with backup content that can be repurposed for future purposes into text posts, picture posts, or short videos. If you are wondering what to talk about, here are some ideas: your guest’s journey in hair and beauty care, your favourite products, your opinions on current trends in the fashion and beauty space, among others. Your interviews can be short enough for your viewers to only pause a bit, or so long and interesting that your viewers won’t want it to end.

Tap into the Power of Memes.

Memes have become really popular, and today there is a meme for every occasion, idea, emotion and more. Many people think memes are just for casual social media users, but memes can be incorporated into your brand’s social media content strategy. Memes are great because they are very relatable and help to show your business’ human side. Memes highly increases the chances of people interacting with your brand’s content, learning more about you, and becoming part of your community.

Don’t forget the Classic Before & After. 

People LOVE to see transformation!

Remember to take pictures of your customers before you get to work on them, because you would need the contrast of those “before” pictures to the “after”, to show just how good you are at what you do. 

Before and after pictures are a great way to show just what your salon does for customers; make them look nicer, boost their confidence, and make them happy. This kind of content is also a sure way to make your brand’s social media page a viable brand portfolio.

Pro-tip: You can create an Instagram story highlight cover for this kind of content so people would know where to look. You can also post before and after content under trends like #transformation, #TransformationTuesday, among several others. Make sure you inform your clients them before putting their pictures on your social media page, to keep from coming off as disrespectful.

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and YouTube are excellent ways to market your salon’s products and services, because they help people engage in real-time while ensuring that you reach a really wide audience. Wise use of social media would increase sales and help you achieve your brand goals.

If you are still unsure of how to start, what strategies to follow, or how to create ideal social media content for your hair salon, then be sure to send me a message. 

Let’s bring out your brand!

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