5 Blogging Tips! How to instantly increase your blog traffic.

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5 blogging tips that will explain the reasons why no ones reading your blog.

“Why is no one reading my blog”? This is a common question I hear from new bloggers often. Getting traffic to your blog can be tough so I thought I’d share my top 5 blogging tips and the main reasons your not getting traffic to your site and the best ways to fix it.

I’ve been blogging for a year now and learnt quite a few blogging tips along the way. There’s so much more to blogging than just writing about your favourite topic. I wanted to write this article to help bloggers that are struggling with getting traffic to their site with these simple blogging tips. 

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 Let me tell you a little story. 

Once upon a time, there was a blogger. She found a topic she was passionate about and wrote a few paragraphs. She then added links and photos, hit publish and sent it out to the world. The world read it and loved it so much they bought everything she recommended which meant she made millions quit her horrible job and lived happily ever after. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but it’s not as easier as easy as that!

Let me talk you through the problems that may be affecting the amount of traffic coming to your blog with this blogging tips.

Blogging Tips
  1. Problem – You don’t have a niche.

I see bloggers all the time ask “Do I really need to niche down? I want to talk about all the topics I’m passionate about! Ahhhhhhh!!! Please if you focus on anything at the beginning of your blogging journey then you need to find your niche. 

There’s a marketing quote by Meridith Hill that says “When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one”! 

You may think that by having a number of topics on your site will attract more people but actually it’s doing the opposite. Readers will think you’re all over the place and not an authoritative or person of trust. 

You want to be seen as an expert in your niche and the go-to person for that specific topic. 

Think about it like this if fashion blogger that you follow for her sense of style and outfit inspiration, one day started to give you advice about the stock market would you believe she knew what she was talking about or trust her opinion? Probably not. 


Focus on the one thing your passionate about and become the expert in your industry. Make sure it’s a topic you already have knowledge or experience in and will still want to write about in a year or 2 or 10 years from now!!

If you decide in the future to branch out with another topic like me then you can. I started my fashion Chic Style Collective (which I still run now) and I have this blog helping beginner blogs so they don’t make the same mistakes as I did. 

Blogging Essentials – Click to Buy.

  1. Problem – Your writing for yourself.

You might have the best idea in the world but if your blog focuses on everything you like and love then your readers will get bored and click off. You need to be focused on giving value to your audience. 


You can still include things you like and love but it should be about giving value to your reader. 

If your a beauty blogger and you love a product then explain why you love it, what are the benefits of using it and what it can do for your reader? 

  1. Problem – Your titles suck!

Let’s break it down if you have a title like “My favourite things to do” or “what I wore this weekend!” It’s great that you have a passion but sorry to break it to you the internet doesn’t care about you. 

People are searching the internet every day for answers to their problems. You want to be the one helping them fix their problem


If we go back to the title examples no one is searching for this – 10 things I do in London. You won’t get many people wanting to read a post like that.

Change it to something that focuses your audience like – The Top 10 most breathtaking/beautiful/luxurious places to visit in London.

Think about your title make sure you’re using power words to grab the readers attention right away. 

  1. Problem – You’re not using keywords or your keywords are too short. 

If you use Yeost or Rank Math (I prefer rank math) and put in a keyword like makeup and you use the word enough times in your post Yeost will give you the green light leaving you to believe this is a good keyword. 

Makeup as a keyword has 380,000 searches per month and a 91/100 difficulty rating which is extremely high. That means that as a beginner blogger your post will be completely lost on the internet. 


Still using the keyword makeup but using a longer tail keyword like Makeup Tips it has 4,400 searches each month and only 34/100 difficulty rating which is average. It still has plenty of people searching for the keyword but you’re more likely to rank higher on Goggle pages. You want to make sure the keyword you use has people searching for it each month but with a lower difficulty rating.

*Stats from Ubersuggest a FREE Keyword search tool. 

  1. Problem – You’re not sharing your blog posts enough! 

Writing and editing your blog post is just half of the work that goes into blogging to get it out there for people to read you need to share it. You might think you’re putting it out there by sharing it on Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram but there are more ways to share your post so it brings in the most traffic. 


If you’re not already using Pinterest and a business account then your seriously missing out on getting traffic to your blog and having other people share it all over the internet!

The majority of my blog traffic comes from Pinterest outshining all other sites by a mile. I could write an entire blog post on Pinterest (I can and I will) but trust me Pinterest a Search Engine a lot like Google and is a great platform for getting people to your site.

I also use Facebook groups that do blog post threads and twitter threads to market my blog every day.

There are also websites that you can share your post for free that you not of heard:


Blogorama (blog directory)


Blog Post Vote Up

That’s my top 5 blogging tips that will help bring more traffic to your blog. I hope this has been helpful but if you need any more help or would like me to cover a particular problem please feel free to get in touch.

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  1. itsjustabbsxo says:

    This was such a helpful and insightful post. I often struggle with my blog and I think I’m still trying to find my niche but this helped so much. Thank you!!! Xoxo

    1. I’m so glad it helped I’ll be doing a post all about ‘Niches’ very soon so keep your eyes out xx

  2. This is so helpful!! I also love that this list is digestible, and not overwhelming. I’m implementing these tips ASAP. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I’m so happy you found this helpful.

  3. What lovely tips – that key word website is amazing.

    1. Thank you I hope they helped !!!

  4. Some great tips in this post, thank you. I’m coming up to my first year of blogging and I’m still learning new things every day. My next mission is to up my SEO game so will try the keyword search tool you mentioned.

    1. Thank you for your comment. Feel free to email me if you need any help with SEO I’d be happy to help x

  5. Useful tips. Thanks. I need to do more with Pinterest for sure.

  6. Great tips! I’ve had my blog for about a year now and the reader rates only started to pick up when I actually put time in to promote it.

    All the best from South Africa, Michelle (michellesclutterbox.com)

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