Looking to grow and build your social media accounts via digital marketing, but don’t know where to start?

Perfect, because we are here to walk you through each and every aspect of social media marketing, step by step. 

Our 1:1 Intensive social media training course covers all the following areas in great detail:

  • Working on your business objectives
  • Coming up with a fresh strategy to help you reach your objectives
  • Deeply studying your business and re-thinking your entire branding process
  • Thoroughly examining and studying your competitors
  • Targeting your specific audience 
  • Delivering detail-oriented lessons on growing your social media accounts via social media marketing
  • Boosting your social analytics and stats

We will make the sessions as personalized as possible to study your business in-depth, and together, we will work on boosting your business on social media.

From £795

We tailor our bespoke services to each client’s personal needs so prcies may vary.